About Creations Georgianni

Creations Georgianni, Inc. was founded in 1993 by the designer Georgia Varoutsos and her husband John Varoutsos. The company was an inspiration Georgia had, after returning to Canada after having lived in Athens, Greece for a number of years so their two children Paul and Peggy could embrace the Greek culture and language.

Georgia Varoutsos was born in Greece, but raised and educated in Canada. Throughout most of her life she has been designing clothing for herself, children and friends. Georgia has always been fascinated by design, colours and tried many different techniques and crafts. She also worked in the garment industry for a number of years making samples.

In 1993 she decided to embark in a totally new profession by creating Creations Georgianni Inc., a company which designs and manufactures handmade jewellery. For over a decade they worked out of their home, making the jewellery and selling the collection to local upscale boutiques in the Montreal area and Quebec. With a lot of hard work, and combined with determination, and a very talented group of people who were trained in the art of making jewellery, started to design two collections annually.

Georgia's attention to detail and her artistic eye for creating unique accessories rapidly enabled her to expand to other markets. In 2005, the company moved to a commercial location in order to accommodate the company's growth.

The unique designs are synonymous to jewellery of classic elegance, to be enjoyed by the consumer for many years.

Creations Georgianni Jewellery, is conceptualized and designed by Georgia, using primarily Swarovski Elements, and the finest metals, casting of soft metals, and such others include, as brass and copper, as well as rolled gold earring posts.

The jewellery is available in gold plated, rhodium and black nickel, equally as antique finishes.

This factor has awarded Creations Georgianni, the right to include the text Swarovski Elements, on all our marketing material, including the very important element, Made in Quebec, Canada. These two key points alone, increases the value and respect for our product worldwide, as it has been established that Canada produces products of only the highest standards.

Our product line includes; hair accessories, necklaces, rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets and Bridal jewellery.

Our company has established a very important niche in the market for our collection, sold under the trade name, Creations Georgianni, but by equally offering private label to all our customers.

By doing business with our company, retailers, know they will receive only the highest level of service, product and design.

Our clients know, when they see us at fashion markets, they are sure they will see only the latest in crystal colours for the next season, embellishing our new

Currently our product is sold to specialty boutiques, gift shops, bridal shops, and accessory shops in the North America. Fuchigami Fines, The Treat Dressings Shops, Galleria Collections, to name a few in Japan. Cymbeline bridal shops in Paris, France. Justin Alexander shops in London, England. The company also sells to Russia and Australia.

Some of our elegant creations have made it to the Miss America Pageants, Miss USA, Presidential elections, The Academy Awards, and The Oscars. Our collection, has also been featured on the front covers of major magazines such as Elegant Wedding of Montreal, and Toronto. A leading publication in the Bridal Industry.